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The XDR Services AI system reduces the amount of false positive security alerts for security engineers to look at so you can reduce the amount of man hours needed to deal with alerts. This allows one engineer to deal with 150 companies with approximately 200 employees, all of whom can be handled with one mid-level engineer with our software.








 Value propositions


Value Proposition: Energy & Utilities:

Utilities and energy companies are being forced to consider their carbon footprint and look for greener alternatives to generate their power. This has led to the development of alternate sources of energy such as wind and solar farms that feed their generated power into their national grids.  Remote smart devices are used to control this power source. 


Value Proposition: Finance Market:

With thousands of on-line customers and hundreds of financial services containing sensitive data, banks are a primary target for hackers, coupled with hundreds of third-party suppliers and being highly regulated financial institutes are 5 times more likely to be attacked. A threat detection and response system can mitigate this dramatically.


Value Proposition: Health Care:

When you register with your doctor, you provide a lot of information about yourself, including photo ID, which is likely to be a copy of your passport or driver’s licence, and criminals are targeting the healthcare sector because patient information is a valuable asset that can be easily used to commit fraud. In addition, medical data has more lasting value than other types of information. A stolen credit card can be cancelled, and fraudulent charges disputed, but medical information can remain in the public domain for decades.


Value Proposition: Legal Market:

Lawyers instinctively understand that they have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their client’s information. Our threat detection and response system helps lawyers fulfil that responsibility.

Legal professional privilege (LPP) is at the very heart of the relationship solicitors have with clients. It is the trust that the law guarantees them, so that they may divulge the most intimate details of their personal and professional dealings, safe in the knowledge that what they reveal to us will go no further.


 Value Proposition: Telecoms:


Telecommunications is evolving to be the 4th industrial revolution and covers the full range of security concerns. At one end the telecoms industry is the backbone of national communications, be that satellite, telephony, broadband, or defence networks. At the other end telecoms has the largest consumer footprint of any industry with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. New applications and the explosion of the IOT makes telecoms companies a prime target for malicious actors.


Digital transformation is at the core of future communication technology allowing for the constant transfer of information and data through machine to machine, human to machine, and human to human transmission. Along with this revolution in communications comes increased risk as more and more privileged information and credentials are created in order to control this new landscape. Our threat detection and response system helps to control and eliminate these risks.




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